Clubs & Groups

Triathlon clubs are a great place to learn about our sport, get motivation and support and participate in coached or organised training. Let’s face it: if you get dedicated to swimming, cycling and running, you could use some friends who share the passion!

In Qatar we have both official clubs, registered as corporate entities, and unofficial groups who organise themselves via social media. The key distinction is that the official clubs are able to raise funds, employ coaches and have the liabilities protection and insurance that you might expect. However, if you simply want to find the right group of people to enjoy the sport with, the unofficial groups, to all purposes, may be indistinguishable in what they offer compared with official clubs

Qatar Cycling Federation’s goal is to support the creation of more clubs. On this page we’ll introduce them and what they can do for you.


Q-Tri is an active and social club with its predominantly Qatari membership with a strong presence in local races and travelling overseas. Q-TRI promotes sport in general and triathlon specifically as part of a healthy life style. Find out more about their activities on their website and Instagram feeds.


TriClub is part of the foundations of multisport in Qatar. They are well organised with many training sessions each week and they are organisers of the Qatar Foundation series of triathlons, duathlons and aquathons.

Worthy of special mention are the excellent opportunities for children to both train and compete with the club. They have a diverse membership: predominantly expat but comprising both English and Arab speaking nations.

Make a Difference (M.A.D.) Tri

Their unusual name reflects their ethos of running charitable events. They are another expat club with diverse nationalities in their membership. Find out about their activities on Facebook and reach them by email.


There are other social media oriented triathlon groups: Fit-Q to name but one. You’ll see their members at every race. Qatar Cycling Federation are working to establish support for clubs and to encourage the established sport clubs to form triathlon sections.