Qetaifan Island Triathlon 2024

Qetaifan Island Triathlon 2024

Triathlonchampionships continue in Qetaifan Island, Lusail

  This season's triathlon championshipcompetitions culminated in at the Lusail Triathlon Championship in Qetaifan Islandwith a record participation of nearly one hundred and sixty male and femalecompetitors in all three categories as follows: the first category for seniorspeed, the second category for youth super sprint, and the third category foryouth and junior aquathlon, where crowds of participants flocked to the racestart from the early morning until the start of the swimming stage from thebeach of Qetaifan Island South.

Thetournament was wonderful and great, as the weather was cool and beautiful,which created a great competitive atmosphere among the competitors, who beganthe competition with a swimming stage that reached 750 meters, then moved tothe cycling stage that reached 20 kilometers, and concluded with a runningstage of a distance of 5 kilometers.

The resultsof the tournament were expected after Al-Namsi and Al-Kuwari maintained firstand second places in the previous Katara Championship. In the Sprint category,Muhammad Al-Namsi was able to maintain the title after achieving first placefor the age group (20-29) and topping the podium after winning the gold medalwith a total time of fifty-eight. One minute and fifty-four seconds. Qatarichampion Tamim Jamal Al-Kuwari came in second place for the same category witha total time of one hour, six minutes and eighteen seconds. Qatari championFares Al-Muhannadi came third with a time of one hour, nine minutes andforty-five seconds.

In theclassification of the category (30-39), veteran Aziz Haddaghi was able toachieve first place and be crowned with gold after finishing the championshipwith a time of one hour, five minutes and thirty-eight seconds, while playerBernard McCullough came in second place, five seconds behind the first-placeholder, and Irishman Barry Eggen came third. With a time of one hour and elevenminutes.

In the teamcompetitions, the support team, which included (Leon Coffey, Abdullah Bumatrak,Elias Al-Awali), achieved first place with a time of 58 minutes and 16 seconds,and the second support team came with a difference of 30 seconds in secondplace, which was represented by the trio (Stewart Report, Mohsen Arhaili, andAbdul Qader Al-Awaini) and came in place. The third team was Al-Ghariya, whichwas represented by the trio (Abdulaziz Al-Jaber, Saud Zayed and FahdAl-Hababi), with a time of one hour, 11 minutes and 53 seconds.

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