Final standings of Qatar National Triathlon Series 2019 / 2020

Final standings of Qatar National Triathlon Series 2019 / 2020

Friday, 10th of April should have been the fifth and final event ofthe Qatar National Triathlon Series, but the ongoing circumstances haveresulted in a curtailed series of only three events.

The Katara Triathlon on 8th Nov, 2019 commenced the year’s open waterracing. This sprint distance event had the same swim and bike routes asin 2018 and a completely new running course thanks to the fantasticKatara hills running path. Race two was the Dukhan Triathlon (Dec 14,2019). Dukhan offered a variety of distances: Besides Sprint andOlympic, for the first time in Qatar there was a long distance triathlon– not eaxctly the same distances but equivalent to an Ironman 70.3. TheSeries reached its early conclusion with Doha Triathlon (Feb 8, 2020).Being the country’s premier triathlon, it is always the event withhighest participation and league points were available for sprint,olympic and Qatar National Championships races, no points were awardedfor the super sprint race, which is targeted at those new to triathlon.

With only three events now possible, a decision has been taken torevise the rules such that all scores will count for the final ranking.Nevertheless, most categories got their deserved winners.


Although not included in the series rankings, participation ofchildren and youths grew this year. QTF is pleased to see more youngpeople encouraged to take on triathlon. This is a sport suited tochildren of all fitness levels who enjoy the personal challenge. It isalso a worthwhile opportunity for young people to discover competitionwith no requirement to meet squad selection criteria.

Among the juniors, the youngest age group in the series, there aresome great talents who already compete with the best seniors. We onlywish this strength would match the number of athletes taking part.Triathlon in Qatar needs tomorrow's champions! In this category, we saw areliably consistent podium – Matteo Francesci in front of Halleux andBennett.

  • Matteo Francesci (ITA) – Tri Club Doha 717.04
  • Liam Halleux (FRA) – Tri Club Doha 424.71
  • Ethan Bennett (GBR) – Millfield School 250

In Junior Women, Ailsa Cameron made a clean sweep of three victories and took home the maximum 750 points.

  • Ailsa Cameron (GBR) – Tri Club Doha 750
  • Paloma Vayssie (FRA) – Tri Club Doha 250
  • Emilie Jaynne Canaria (PHI) – FitQ 231.03

The Men Open category was again dominated by last year’s winnerBernard McCullagh, in front of consistent local Alromaihi andShillabeer. McCullagh even stepped up to the longest distance at Dukhan,which he won convincingly. However, with the series now dominated bymulti-format races, he went the whole year without coming up againstsome of his strongest opposition; Aday Alvarez coming most easily tomind. It would have been interesting to see that fight.

  • Bernard McCullagh (IRL) – Tri Club Doha 750
  • Ebrahim Alromaihi (QAT) – Qtri 712.78
  • Barry Shillabeer (GBR) – Tri Club Doha 694.33

Women Open’s top three ladies were separated by just a few points.None of them won a race but consistency triumphed, with Bushell comingon top.

  • Isobel Bushell (GBR) – Tri Club Doha 697.91
  • Michelle Shillabeer (GBR) – Tri Club Doha 675.85
  • Lyndall Jensen (AUS) – Tri Club Doha 661.89

Veteran men category was dominated by Enzo Fascinato, who made a clean sweep.

  • Enzo Fascinato (ARG) – Los Gauchos 750
  • Ewan Cameron (GBR) – Tri Club Doha  719.19
  • Paul Crooks (GBR) – Tri Club Doha 717.89

Veteran women category was also dominated by one athlete. It is worthreminding ourselves that Pia Sunstedt has won every race she has takenpart in – triathlon or cycling – in last few years.

  • Pia Sundstet (FIN) – Rasen Sports 750
  • Daniela Sposi (GBR) – Tri Club Doha 733.12
  • Andrea Stadler (ECU) – Tri Club Doha 661.89

Competition among Qataris gets stronger every year. There are moreathletes training and racing than ever. National team athlete, EbrahimAlromaihi, was the strongest in the Open Qatari category while EssaAlkuwari was untouchable among the veterans.

  • Ebrahim Alromaihi (QAT) – Qtri 744.11
  • Abdulrahman Aljaber (QAT) – Qtri 683.09
  • Fahad Almohamed (QAT) – Qtri 489.83
  • Essa Alkuwari (QAT) – Qtri 750
  • 2 . Jamil Al Katami (QAT) – Qtri 659.12
  • Fahad Al Groon (QAT) – Qtri 639.43

National Triathlon Series full results

Series winners will be awarded their prizes at the first race of the2020/21 season. Please contact QTF if you are leaving Qatar before then.

Looking ahead

Professor Nasser Al Mohannadi, Vice President of Qatar Cycling andTriathlon Federation: “I am delighted with the development of the grassroots of triathlon we are seeing in Qatar. QTF’s National TriathlonSeries and the impressive range of triathlon and multisport eventsorganised by local clubs are a real driver for all the triathletes inthe country. Covid-19 and the necessary restrictions have hindered ouroperations and brought an excellent season to an early end but still weare hoping for resolution before October, to have a complete NationalTriathlon Series next season. The first big multisport milestone of thenew year will be December’s Asian Cup, which will bring the sport’selite to Qatar and the concurrent public race should be one of the mostmultinational and competitive ever held on these shores.”

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