Get the family into triathlon

Triathlon is a sport that the whole family can enjoy and children from the age of seven upwards are well catered for at most races in Qatar. With clubs also offering children specific activities, triathlon can be as a big a part of their lives as it is of yours!


  • It’s a good reason to ride a bike with a purpose – and what kid doesn’t relish that?
  • Multiple sports equals use of different muscles to develop an all-round athlete
  • Gain resilience, fitness, self-reliance and self-motivation
  • TriClub Doha Saturday swim-run mornings. Free access to Doha’s best beaches!
  • Competitive swimming, cycling and running available to all, regardless of ability
  • Qatar foundation kid’s duathlons. This one is just for the kids and the Oxygen Park setting is special
  • Friends and rivals! Your best mate is the kid you are trying to beat

How to get involved

Simply entering an event is a good start. You’ll find all events over on the [calendar].

TriClub Doha are the biggest club and the main organiser of multisport activities for children. On their website, you’ll find an expanded calendar of events which includes those for members only.