Triathlon FAQ

A triathlon is a race where participants swim, then cycle, then run in a continuous race. Between these comes the transitions. Triathletes talk about transition as being the ‘fourth discipline’ as there are minutes to be gained from doing it well.

Aquathon is a combination of swimming and running. Duathlon is a combination of running and cycling.

Within the multisport family there are many possibilities, such as off-road triathlon, canoe replacing the swim and many other combinations of running, swimming and cycling.

Experienced triathetes wear a trisuit. This is a one-piece, close-fitting suit which is worn throughout the race. That certainly saves seconds in transition but, if you are starting out or your goal isn’t time focussed, then there is no reason why you can’t put on appropriate sports clothing on top of your swimming costume.

You are not allowed to run or cycle bare-chested and, in Qatar, women are not permitted to run or cycle in a swimming costume which does not cover the thighs.

Yes, there is sportswear available, some of it even specifically designed for triathlon

If you swim with a number pinned to your shirt or trisuit, it is likely to be torn off. Instead, triathletes attach their number to an elastic loop which is put on after the swim. You can buy race belts with a clip fastening, or you can easily make your own.

When using a race belt, show your number at the back when cycling and at the front when running.

Most events offer a ‘team relay’ category where members of the team do one discipline each. Or you could enter a duathlon.

Some triathlons have pool swims

QTF has a small number of basic bikes which can be used by competitors in our events. Qatar Foundation events also have bikes for rent. The only private rental facility that we are aware of is located at Rasen Adventure Shop.

Almost all events have children’s categories. Where the venue is unsuitable for triathlon for younger ages, a duathlon or aquathon may be held instead.

It is outside the scope of this article to answer that, but the internet is full of advice! Regardless of your ability or potential, joining a [club] is always a good idea. You will benefit from the experience of others, have access to training sessions and training buddies and possibly coaching as well.