Questions about QCF

No, it is the governing body for multisport in Qatar. In addition to developing strategies to meet our Mission 2028 objectives, we manage the National Team and have a small but active team which runs events.

Membership grants you a race licence. It is only required to have a race licence for certain events like the National Championships. However, your membership allows you to accumulate points in the road, mountainbike and triathlon leagues; plus it gives discount on most race entries; plus the money you pay contributes to the development of triathlon in Qatar. If you are an active triathlete, you should become a member.

Overseas races which require a licence typically are looking for either a UCI affiliation or race insurance or both. The QCF standard membership does offer tWe have a small pool of basic bikes which are available for rent by competitors in the races organised by us. Similarly, Qatar Foundation events also have bikes for hire. Otherwise better quality bike rental is available from Rasen Adventure shop.hese. However, we can apply for a UCI licence on your behalf. We offer this service only to members.

Membership does not provide insurance for you or your equipment.

The National Team is presently only recruiting and developing young Qatari talent as its Mission 2028 objective. We would be interested in considering you for the National Team if you are performing at a good level in triathlon or any of the component sports.

Consideration may also be given to athletes from other nations if they are realistic major championship medal prospects and if they are also able and willing to contribute to the development of the team.

For information about working for us see careers.

Our administrative office is in Jelaiha area of Doha, see Contact us. There is also a training centre near to Losail International Circuit.

QCF has an events team who do organise many races. However, we can’t and don’t do it alone. Some events are organised completely independently of us while other organisers receive logistical or technical support.