Qatar Cycling and Triathlon Federation launches the new season of cycling events

March 5, 2019

Qatar Cycling and Triathlon Federation has started with events early, with a first road race taking place last Friday, 21st September 2018. The so called “Season Opener” race was launched from the Al-Thakhira Youth Center, to determine the categories and to classify riders. Al-Thakira race was considered as an annual pre-step for the actual start of the league, where the rankings of riders is determined for the next stages of the league. On the other hand, the QCTF officials have started registering cyclists and distributing raec licenses.

The preliminary stage witnessed the participation of one hundred and sixty-two male and female cyclists divided into three categories.
It’s worth mentioning that Category (A) has included thirty-two male riders and only two females.

The second Category (B) has included forty-four males and five females.

As for the last Category (C) the largest number of cyclists was included, with a number of seventy-nine male riders.

The atmosphere of this preliminary stage was strongly competitive, as it classifies the riders of each category from the very beginning of the season. The total distance of the race was 61 Km, divided into two consecutive laps launched from Al-Thakira youth center passing through the city and then heading to Ras Laffan main road, going back using the seaside and finally returning from the internal road to reach the finish line.

The results of the stage announced the cyclist Majid Shokari as the winner of the first place in category (A) Men with a time of 1:38:47 and an average speed of 37 km/ hour. Abdullah Al-Jaidi came second with 18 seconds gap, while James Moffatt finished third with a 21 seconds time gap.

In the same category (A) women, the female rider Julie Melville finished with a time of 1:53:50 same as her fellow rider Sophie Clark.

In the second category (B) Men, Ali Al-Nuaimi won the race, with 1:53:50 and an average speed of 32 km/hour, second place took Mohammed Nabhan with the same time, while the national team Rider Hamza Al-Qasim was third.

In the women’s category (B), Daniella Spossi won the first place with a time of 2:12:43. While Boyce Aiofe came in second place and finally Elsa Cameron finished third.

In the third category (C), cyclist Meshaal Al Nuaimi won the first place with a time of 1:57: 40 and a speed of 31 km/hour. Second place was obtained by cyclist Marwan Al-Jalham and finally Rabea Al-Adawy won third place.

The 12th of October will witness the real launch of the first phase of the National Cycling Road League sponsored by the Royal Moroccan Airlines (RAM) in its third edition.

While Qatar National Bank Group (QNB) will be this year’s official sponsor of Qatar Cycling and Triathlon Federation, supporting all its Road, Mountain, and Triathlon Races organized by the QCTF for 2018/2019 season.